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Fitness Training
Thrive Wellness believes fitness training and exercise is essential to a healthy, balanced lifestyle. We also understand everyone has different abilities, limitations, experience levels, and personal goals. This is why we complete a comprehensive evaluation that better prepares us in designing a safe and effective program. Our goal is to get you in proper alignment, moving functionally, and engaging in activities that will improve your health, reduce your pain, and enhance your performance.

PtEnhance Online Training
PtEnhance is a personalized online training system that develops comprehensive workouts, stretch routines, cardiovascular exercise programs, and lifestyle modifications. Created by your Thrive Wellness’ practitioner, your monthly program will be emailed to you with questionnaires, videos of exercises, specific daily instructions, and continuous feedback and support. Together, you and your practitioner will create a healthy, active, and enjoyable lifestyle program.

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Strength/Resistance Training
Strength and resistance training does not necessarily mean becoming bigger or adding size. Resistance training uses specific modalities designed toward improving an individual’s strength, endurance, and/or functional abilities. Modalities include using dumbbells, cables, exercise balls, and body weight to improve overall health and well-being. A client’s goals, postural needs, ability, experience, and preferences are all considered when selecting a modality for training.

Strength Training & Program Design for Endurance Sports

Since the majority of time training for endurance sports is completing outdoor, cardiovascular exercise, endurance athletes tend to neglect strength and flexibility training. Thrive Wellness believes incorporating sport’s specific strength and flexibility training into an athlete’s schedule is mandatory, injury-preventative, and performance enhancing. Also, many athletes tend to over-train and accumulate “junk miles” that may increase the chance of injury and burnout. Thrive Wellness will design a comprehensive and efficient training schedule including overlooked and underdeveloped forms of exercise.

Flexibility Training & Proprioceptive Neuromusclar Facilitation (PNF)

Flexibility relates to the joints’ ability to bend, but not break. All joints have a safe, operative range of motion (ROM) that allows the body to move efficiently. Improving the function of a chronically tight, stressed, or weak muscle involves different types of stretching. Various techniques are employed to regain the integrity of the joints for improved, comfortable, and painless movement.

Balance Training

Balance is more than being able to stand on one foot, although even this can be difficult at times. But, more importantly, this is the body’s ability to integrate external information (gopher hole in the grass, slippery spot on floor, etc.) and physically respond by maintaining control. Balance training works for everyone and can be particularly helpful for post-injury rehab as well as for golfers, snowboarders, and other sports enthusiast.

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