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Corporate Programs
In our efforts to provide a holistic approach to your healthcare, Thrive Wellness has learned and developed specific programs aimed at improving your wellbeing. We strongly believe that the education and products provided in these comprehensive programs will enhance your physical condition, educate you on healthy practices, and boost your vitality and spirits. Contact us today to see how you can improve your health.

Identi-T™ Personalized Stress Reduction Program
This personalized stress reduction program assesses your unique "fight or flight" response to stress. After identifying your stress type, we recommend specific stress relief techniques, alternative medicine treatments, diet tips, and nutritional regimens to help reduce your disruptive, physiological reactions and emotions. Follow our simple 3 Step process to reduce your stress:
1. Fill out and save the Stress Assessment Questionnaire
2. Email back your results to identify your stress type
3. Set up appointment to create your individualized program

Symmetry® Postural Alignment
Symmetry® is a postural restoration and alignment program seeking to optimize your physical motion. This comprehensive and individualistic program uses precise measurements to guide a series of exercises that will maximize comfort and control over your body. Your specialized routine will develop consistency in correct motion, reduce pain, and enhance performance. Contact us today to learn more about your evaluation and program design.

FirstLine Therapy®
FirstLine Therapy® is a “Therapeutic Lifestyle Program (TLP).” A TLP will help you live in a way that improves your health. Living a “therapeutic lifestyle” means making choices everyday that will enhance your health and prevent disease, enabling you to achieve a life of vitality. FirstLine Therapy® is based on extensive scientific research and is proven to combat symptoms and chronic diseases ranging from fatigue and obesity to heart disease and diabetes. In this program you will receive nutritional education and products, fitness training, and therapeutic massage. To learn more about the program, contact us today.


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