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Whether you need restoration, relaxation, prevention, or education, come experience how our state-of-the-art wellness clinic can cultivate a healthy, balanced you.
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Get Balanced. Be Healthy.

We provide restorative acupuncture, holistic massage therapy, individualized fitness and postural alignment training, comprehensive chiropractic care, sports medicine, clinical psychology, and prevention-based wellness products in San Diego, California. We work together with you to discover your balance in health, nutrition, stress-reduction, and activity.

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Inspiring Healthy Lifestyles

We work with you to discover your balance in health, nutrition, stress-reduction, and activity.

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A crucial component in achieving optimal, balanced health.

Functional Medicine
Functional Medicine

Integrative treatments focusing on root causes of illness


Restorative and relaxing bodywork to decrease stress and improve function


Sessions and classes designed to improve movement, mobility, and posture

Happy Customers

Caitlin and Adam have a passion for their work that is truly confidence-inspiring. And their maturity as people is a welcome relief from many experiences I’ve had with the fitness and wellness industries.

Holly H.

Awesome! I went to Caitlin for years when she lived in Santa Barbara and I haven’t found a better person to work on my body since… So, I decided to pay a visit to her new home at Thrive while on a work trip and my body is loving me for it right now. Caitlin is nothing short of magical with her hands and her entire energy is put into finding what your body needs to feel good and / or better.

Dakota R.

Having always been suspect of the health and fitness industry, I can honestly say that Thrive Wellness has exceeded my expectations. Also, with their new facility, Thrive Wellness can better serve its clients by providing a variety of services in one convenient location, including strength training sessions, acupuncture, sports massages, etc. For those wanting to achieve a healthy mental and physical balance in their lives, I highly recommend they try out Thrive Wellness